2018 Massey Ferguson MF988 Mechnical Self-Leveling

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Massey Ferguson
MF988 Mechnical Self-Leveling



High Horsepower Front Loaders

If you're going to be loading with a powerful tractor, you'd better have a front loader that's just as strong, stable and hard-working. Mission accomplished - with Quicke Dimension Series front loaders from Massey Ferguson.

  • Strong & smart: A super-strong Delta sub-frame system, locking galvanized pins, loader arms with unique twin "C" channel beams - this loader is powerfully built.
  • High visibility: You've got a clear view all day (and night) with no pipes or hoses in the way and a low cross tube that doesn't obstruct your front lights.
  • Implement easy changes: By rotating our tool carrier up to 180°, you can clearly see the implement hook from the cab for quick, easy implement changes.
  • Load up on exclusives: Unique features like Q Link parallel linking and Q Lock hydraulic locking simplify your job, save time and maximize your comfort and safety.
  • Perfect match: Designed for today's advanced high HP tractors, this loader has the smart functions and innovative technical solutions you need to boost productivity.
  • Lift Height @ Pivot Pin (in): 194
  • Lift Capacity @ Pivot Pin, lift height (lbs): 6,768
  • Lift Capacity @ 800mm Pivot Pin, 59in lift height (lbs): 6,724
  • Compatibility: 7624, 7626, 7724, 7726, 8650, 8660, 8670, 8680, 8690, 8727, 8730, 8735, 8737, 9732



Lift Capacity
@ Pivot Pin: 6768 lb.
Maximum Lift Height
@ Pivot Pin: 194 in.

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