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Sunflower's Model 5035 Field Cultivator features heavy construction, outstanding clearance and superb flotation. The 3" x 4" rectangular tube frame provides the strength today's high horsepower tractors require, and Sunflower's computer design features optimum shank placement for unmatched clearance. The Model 5035 features single point depth control with rephasing lift cylinders...all covered under our three year warranty. Shanks are available in either spring tension or S-tine design and offer up to 190 pounds of point load for extra tough conditions. Walking tandems and 9.5L tires provide the necessary flotation farmers require of a field cultivator, and the self leveling hitch maintains a level frame from the front to rear regardless of operating depth.

  • Three Year Limited Warranty: All Sunflower Equipment features superior engineering and rugged construction that will withstand the test of time. Simply stated, it's the finest tillage equipment available. We're so confident, we place a three year limited warranty on every tillage tool we build.
  • A-Frame Tongue: All Sunflower field cultivators feature superior engineering and rugged construction that will withstand the test of time. A prime example of this superiority is the A-Frame tongue design which adds tremendous support to the center section frame to withstand the rotational forces generated by the heavy point load shanks and the combined weight of these multi-section tools when folded for transport. Each leg of the A-Frame tongue extends deep under the center section frame supporting the frame from the tractor drawbar to the lift axles.
  • Single Point Depth Control: Single point depth control is conveniently located for easy adjustments and offers accuracy up to 1/4". All models feature Single Point Depth Control and models 30’ and larger the adjustment is located on the mainframe located left of the tongue. Single point depth adjustments hardware on smaller units is located near the front of the tongue.
  • Sweep Depth Gauge: A sweep depth gauge is standard equipment on the new 5056 series. The easy to read gauge is an effective reference to set the depth of operation of the tool.
  • Walking Tandems: Walking tandems are standard on all sections, enabling the machine to follow the ground contour precisely, maintaining a more consistent sweep depth. The tandem beam pivots on a set of greaseable tapered roller bearings for smooth, long lasting service. Zerk equipped six bolt hubs and heavy-duty large diameter slip in spindles feature triple lip seals.
  • Spring Cushion Shanks: With 25 inches of under frame clearance the 5/8 inch thick, 190 pound point load shanks on a 5 bar cultivator placement provide optimum trash flow.
  • S-Tine Shanks: S-tine 160 pound point load shanks are also available if rocks and stones are not present and the heavier Spring Tension Shanks are not necessary.
  • Maintenance-Free UHMW: Sunflower Field Cultivators are equipped with maintenance-free lift and wing pivot systems. These systems pivot on service free UHMW polymer bearings.
  • Frame Leveling Adjustment: Screw adjustment on the wheels provides precise wing frame leveling and is located above and to the front of the frame for optimum operator convenience.
  • Three Row Coil Tine: Three row coil tine harrows feature 16" tines on 2 1/2" centers. Tines are spaced 15" apart. The unique tine angle adjustment features a direct stop mechanism that eliminates wear prone linkages and pins. Each tine is individually replaceable and the unit is designed to allow all tines to pivot forward for protection when backing up. Every section is equipped with fully adjustable tension springs that allow desired down pressure settings to be accomplished.
  • Tine and Reel: This unit features independence between the tine and reel when in the field - and the reel can even be folded up and over the tines if its use is not desired. The reel features six high carbon blades which spiral across the 10 1/4" diameter section. This smaller diameter reel revolves at higher speeds providing a more aggressive digging action for incorporating and preparing the seedbed. Each reel section is equipped with triple lip sealed greaseable bearings and features no shaft in the center for less retention of soil and residue within the reel. Three rows of 3/8" x 16" coil tines on 2 1/2" centers level the soil and provide a smoother surface for the reels to run in. The results are improved finish work and better incorporation. Each section of coil tines can be adjusted for the desired pitch and has back up protection. The unit has height, tilt and spring loaded down pressure adjustment for various working conditions and soils.
  • Three Row Spike and Reel: This combinations features individual control of the spikes and the reels - in fact, each bar of the spike performs independently for maximum conformance to rough terrain. The heavy spike drag levels the soil in advance of the reel providing a smoother surface for the reel to run in. The 10 1/4" diameter reel features six high carbon spiraled blades, triple lip sealed greaseable bearings and no center shaft for better soil and residue handling capabilities. The aggressive action of this combination pulverizes the soil, provides superior leveling and enhances incorporation, leaving the seedbed in near perfect condition.
  • Four Row Spike Drag: The new 4-Row Spike Drag is designed for heavy residue conditions. The Spike Drag consists of 3/4" x 16" round spikes staggered on 3" centers. The longer spikes promote a smoother flow of residue, and the round design sheds heavy residue better than conventional square spikes. The combination of individual spike placement and the flexibility offered by individual bars make the 4-Row Spike Drag the #1 attachment in high residue conditions. (5035, 5135, & 5056)
  • Five Row Spike Drag: Regarded as our most maintenance free finishing attachment. Equipped with 3/4" x 11" spikes, the flexible bars of the unit are designed to conform to very irregular terrain, and the weight of the unit makes it aggressive enough to handle the toughest soil conditions. the 1 3/4" spoke spacing provides additional incorporation and effectively completes the seedbed by breaking clods, leveling, smoothing and firming the soil.
  • Model: 5035-34
  • Working width ft. in. (m): 34 ft.-6 in. (10.5)
  • Transport width ft. in. (m): 17 ft. (5.2)
  • Transport height ft. in. (m): 14 ft.-2 in. (4.3)
  • Weight lbs. (kg): 10,100 (4,581)
  • HP requirements: 5 to 7 hp/ft



Working Width
34 ft.-6 in. (10.5 m)
17 ft. (5.2 m)


Recommended HP
5 to 7 hp/ft
10,100 lb. (4,581 kg)

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